Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The downfall of indepence

Life cannot be as complicated as we make it sound,
Little that you know, it is, and has no intention in changing,

The past will constantly remind you that avoiding it
Doesn’t solve anything but rather elongate the list of “laters”

Now that we have to think about it and what the future holds,
Your expectations need to be voiced and respected

Because to you, all of the sudden, they need to matter
Although the meaning of this is still distant, you just know

Actually, it is all a lie, I do not know anything, simply have a feel,
Feel for what the future holds me, a blur, rather than a picture

Everything used to always be so simple, so crystal clear,
Now that everything on my survival list have been met,

What am I left to run away from and manage and accomplish,
The future scares me, and so does this damn potential I have,

I don’t know what it holds, and it is uncertain,
The truth is I never thought I’d get this far,

Never thought I’d have to deal with this thing
Thing called future, and this other called success,

But here, I am, holding both and not knowing
What to do with any of them, nothing at all

So is this what success is supposed to feel like?
Empty and lonely, with no one to share it with? 

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