Sunday, March 11, 2012

Randomness keeps me smiling

Thoughts flying across my head can barely provide an explanation
To this volcano of emotions that makes me smile and cry all at once,
It's on saturdays like this, that sometimes I question my future...

I question my routine, my habits, and try to see why...
Why does it now come naturally for me to push people away,
Closely selecting men that are completely different from this
This path I seem to enjoy walking by every time, knowing that

Barefoot, and naked, just like my heart, I will get burned and
Get hurt if I'm addicted to the pain, the deception...

It's on saturdays like this that I try to paint a future from my current
current trend of actions which don't seem to make sense, but seem
to have been engraved so deeply in me, I only realize them too late...

anyway... what's the story behind it...

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