Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I wish

I wish I could stop pretending for a while that I'm ok.
I wish I could stop trying to beat the process, and allow it to heal my soul.
I wish I could find my essence and honor it with respect.
I wish I could admit that I'm not ok, and it hurts.
I wish I could let the world see my tears and let them know how much it hurts
I wish I could accept the love they gave me, instead of fearing betrayal
I wish I would give this soul a break and allow it to breath,
I wish I could allow myself not to fear being loved,
I wish I didn't feel so bitter all the time,

But above all, I wish I saw myself like the one who say they care see me,
I wish I could believe some of y'all and think that I'm amazing,
I wish I would stop inflicting myself so much pain.

All these wishes...
All this pain,
I just wish it could all disappear.

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