Monday, March 12, 2012


The words are missing. 
Too lazy to live and even to write about it. Isn't that something, 
Whatever used to drive me through it all seems to have disappear, 
No longer bothered by all the grades and the success that supposedly follows. 
What can I say? 

I simply seem to be at the verge
Verge, of giving up on all these superficial things that 
Just yesterday, I was so attached to. 

Isn't that sad? 
That I didn't think of the eventuality that one day, 
The tank of energy used for bullshit and disbelief would come to an end... 
Seems like I, in the mimic of Americans, 
I forgot to think of the future that always seems so far, 
But that always end up closer than we'd think. 

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