Monday, March 12, 2012

As Africa Met Rome...

     You know how they often say, it can't always be them. It must be you, after a while ... I mean I can't possibly be all bad ... I can't possibly be blamed for all of it.
     It's not fair, that I can't asked not to be judged for a moment, just for a second. It's not fair, its not fair at all, that everyone allows you to mess up continuously and then u come and point fingers at me, for forgetting a comma, when u couldn't even write the damn paragraph. 
     All these people always ready to judge you and to criticize you as if they could do better
as if they could even try. 
     Always here to remind you that u missed the last few steps, after successfully marching the 9995 ones before that, as they never even got up in the first place.

F*ck all of them, yes I'm fortunate, yes I get what I want, yes he treated me well, and told me he loved me, and waited for me, and saw I was worth it, 
F*ck u if u don't wanna see it, 
And f*ck u if u just wanna get back at me, 
F*ck u, if I'm not allowed to make mistakes, as if u were perfect! 
F*ck u, and f*ck u! 
And f*ck u harder!!! 

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