Monday, September 26, 2011

Ethically Incorrect

 Too much ethics will kill you. Left alone overthinking natural processes that should never be questioned. Too much ethics will transgress your soul, take its half and take humanity away from it.

Yet little to no ethics, will savage you, and bring you back to the times were humanity wasn’t even a concept. None of it all, would mean the end of you, or maybe of your soul, since thinking would cease, impulsivity would be king of our actions.

A good amount of ethics will leave you wondering, over and over of the various solution, making you doubt natural decisions, promoting decisions that only you at that moment may be able to explain, yet never be able to repeat.

Ethics will have you battle between yourself and others, between the fine lines of what can be considered accepted and what is plain old evil….

Now what should we do when we are left with a problem greater than the Universe?
What shall we do when the problem takes away all our time?
What shall we do when a simple question becomes an obsession ?

I could answer that, but wouldn’t you agree, that the issue would have to be part of the solution…. Ethics.


Me, Myself and Trish

I’m a writer,
I’m a lover,
I’m full of drama,
I’m a trendsetter,
I’m a tourist,
I’m a loner…

All these things make me, make me wanna hide,
I refuse to be weak, but since I was made that way,
There’s nothing that can be done to prevent it,
Therefore, I hide behind this wall…
Where caring isn’t an option,

Yet, I’m a caring individual,
I love to love, cry to cry, and sing out loud,
I’m a sensitive soul, full of remorse,
I over think every action,
Every single statement are re-written,

I’m a flirt,
I like to seduce,
I’m scared to love,
Yet want to be love.

I’m all you can imagine,
All you can desire,
Yet, you’ll never have,
Because no one, except for me,
Will ever meet me,

- That little girl in my head <3 

Who knows

Sometimes I just feel like writing, 
It somewhat calms my spirit and provokes my soul, 
Or something of the sort. 
Sometimes, i just feel like kissing a stranger, 
But just in time, I’m reminded that a meaningless kiss, 
Is nothing more than that... 
Sometimes I fancy you, and them, 
You because I miss being loved, 
And them because ... they have what I can’t have. 
And most times, I just refuse to do it all, 
But then I’m reminded that I’m a romantic, 
And that my heart was built to feel that way

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