Tuesday, August 2, 2011


One day I woke up, looked through the window and made a wish... 

All i ever dreamed of was a man to remain here forever, 
Little did I know, one day I'd wish for him to be gone, 

All I ever wanted was a family strong in unity, 
Little did I know, friends would soon become that family, 

All I ever asked for was a beautiful man with green eyes, 
Little did I know, I had one on reserve with a beautiful soul, 

All I ever wanted was to be as thin as paper, 
Little did I know, I made a million one of you smile, 

All I ever wanted was to be able to freely rock my natural looks, 
Little did I know, I became the inspiration of many, 

Life has many surprises, most hidden of interpretation, 
Be careful of what you may wish for,
Because you may never know what you were actually waiting for... 

- &lt's Trish

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