Tuesday, August 16, 2011

La page blanche

La page blanche est certainement l’une de mes meilleures amies,
Et l’une de mes enemies lesplus redoubtable a la fois,
Qui l’eut crue, qu’en si peux de mots, je puisse trouver la force,
De te redecouvrir, en fait, plutot de me souvenit de la raison,
Pour laquelle poison est ce qui te qualifie, et que expiree est ton statut,

Je n’irais pas jusqu’a dire le contraire, mais bon, on verra,
Ca me plait parfois d’avoir tort, comme ca je me dis qu’il y a toujours
Place, place a la surprise... malheureusement pas cette fois-ci,

Je la connaissais déjà la fin de cette histoire la

A  moi et un toi de mon imagination.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011


One day I woke up, looked through the window and made a wish... 

All i ever dreamed of was a man to remain here forever, 
Little did I know, one day I'd wish for him to be gone, 

All I ever wanted was a family strong in unity, 
Little did I know, friends would soon become that family, 

All I ever asked for was a beautiful man with green eyes, 
Little did I know, I had one on reserve with a beautiful soul, 

All I ever wanted was to be as thin as paper, 
Little did I know, I made a million one of you smile, 

All I ever wanted was to be able to freely rock my natural looks, 
Little did I know, I became the inspiration of many, 

Life has many surprises, most hidden of interpretation, 
Be careful of what you may wish for,
Because you may never know what you were actually waiting for... 

- &lt's Trish


......and there’s it was again, at the sound of every words,
Every story, every laugh, I was just falling deeper,
Deeper for this beautiful stranger, if only it could cease,

......why was it happening again, it was suppose to be just a date,
Nothing more than another friendship, no attachment,
And here I am, sleepless, dreaming of his lips, waiting for a reply,

......would it be that I’m falling, that I’ve fallen for this beautiful creature,
Full of love and integrity, well, of what seems to be so,
Am I again gaining in anxiety? and waiting for every word?

Am I really losing sleep over a skilled kisser,
Who a few moments ago I  did not know of?
Who a moment ago was nothing more than a picture?

Am I really falling for a man who I barely know?
Is this anxiety really building up over a man, who
I not know if truth is what he’s preaching?...

......would it be possible that he’s convinced my heart to open up,
And receive the warmth feeling of affection, am I really considering,
The crazy thought of “us”.... When we barely know each other?,
Who are you?, what is your name and your story?

......why do u like me, how do I know you aren’t lying?
These words, feelings on paper eases up the stress,
And the tension in my muscles, and my poor heart,
My head had finally gain relief since the last time our
Lips gently sealed, and allow the discover of a world,
That doesn’t seem to have ever existed before...
Am i really going insane because i can’t see you,
When a week ago, my biggest worry was boredom ...

Ahhh, If only you guys knew how life will catch you,unguarded, when u least expect it, and never ever allow you to trick her....Then ,and only then, would you understand...

Never forget .... "the bitch always wins" ;) 

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