Tuesday, February 22, 2011

~ Make me feel, Like the only girl in the world ~

Wouldn’t it be easier, if I knew what this heart wanted,
Wouldn’t it be easier, if it agreed with what this head desired,
Life would all be less complex, if everything just fell into place,
In the ways that a puzzle always finds its misplaced pieces,

Wouldn’t be ingenious, if like Snow White’s step-mother,
The mirror had at the answer, and that a glance alone,
Could resolved all mystery still awaiting for a solutions,

Life would be beautiful, yet simple, if everything was easy,
But who, in their right mind, would replace chaos of the unknown,
For the boredom of the all-knowing future, why such punishment,
Who would agree?

All I ask for is for a little guidance, a little freedom, a little love,
Some hope, and passionate kisses, embellished by doubtful lyrics,
And beautiful songs with sweet melodies to dream on,

You are all I want, whomever you may be,

Love, Trish 

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