Sunday, November 14, 2010

Congratulations to all Facebook PhD.

All I hear are unfounded remarks,
All I hear are loud voices lacking content,
All I see is false information being uploaded,
To brains that are already lacking signal receptors,
All I see are deceptive comments, and ignorant attitudes,

We live in an era where information is made available,
But none is reviewed, peer-reviewed,
Or if it is, chicken heads were given the right to be teachers,
Proofreaders that obviously lack logic and common sense,
Who induce their theories from un-falsifiable conclusions
Knowledge shouldn’t be diminished to fairy tale telling,
This is not a Goosebumps session,

But the worst remains that we are all monkeys,
That chose to see, hear, say no evil, we simply
Prefer to breathe it, and to die, once we’ve succumbed to its charm,

Where has society’s common sense gone, my guess?
Probably the same way that courtesy went: Only Lord knows...

PS: Don’t be a band-wagonner: Use the cells that were given to you for free: Think outside the box, and read every so often.  

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