Saturday, July 17, 2010


If you are beautiful, and remember that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, it is not necessary for you to unveil yourself for me to notice, or for him to pay attention, cause remember that if he was interested, you would know by now, and also remember that the man who "falls for looks" will be lost easy.

---- Trish

To all my beautiful women. (you guys are everywhere)


So much pain,
Pain to share,
Pain to hide,
Yet, still holding it down

Funny how emotions works,
They can kill you if you let them,
They will destroy u if allowed,
And build you up once you understand,
That at the end, you have all the power,
That you control them,
And the only power they detain,
Is whatever you give them,

Oh well, I guess pain is like the rain,
It washes away the dirt,
And gives you a reason to smile,
Once it's all gone,

--- Trish

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mrs. Time

Time  will teach you many things,
Things that may revolve around understanding,
Understanding how one should set priorities,
Priorities, that when respected,
Will only teach you that time, alone,
Will never be a lesson in itself,
If one is not willing to keep growing
As time passes by,

Time will teach you about life,
And how to handle it,
It will also teach about yourself,
But you will come to realize,
That time will also teach you
How precious of a teacher it is,
Since it is with no limit,
Although you may be,

Time will teach how to age,
Age into a mature, and successful,
But selfish person, because,
Only the brave survives, and
The hard-workers barely make it,

Courtesy only lives in book,
Success only rhymes with it in fairy tales,
And time, I promise,
Will teach you that concept too.

-          This one was inspired by a brave soul, and young soul, forever young, since aging has already happened w/out time, so maybe, time isn’t the only teacher out there. 

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