Monday, May 31, 2010


To me arguments, are like the colours of a picture,
Which eternalize moments that shall never be forgotten
If I take the time to argue,
I take the time to care,
The moment, I stop,
Stop to care, and listen,
I will simply smile your way,
From smile, you will see laughs,
And then from these, silence,
If lucky, you might see me,
And only then you’ll realize,
That I’m no longer a part of your life,
And you, to me, no longer exist, 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Broken Hearts

All I see are broken hearts,
Hearts full of pain, and sadness,
Hearts that used to be filled with joy,
Hearts that used to carry the sun,
But now all I see are broken hearts,

Theirs pieces wander around, hoping,
That one day they will meet their siblings,
Hoping that the warm feeling will return,

It’s funny, since you will never see them.
If you choose not to acknowledge them,
You shall never hear their voices,
Since weeping is a silent act,
But they are here smiling at you,
With that empty smile, lacking of warmth

My heart sees yours, and hears you as well,
All the crying and the pain, is quite tangible to him,
Since the solution cannot be held in a glue stick,
I shall sit here with you and cry with you,

Therefore, each of these words shall serve as tears,
Each were drop with passion and compassion,
So that every time crying is the tempo,
You shall never cry alone again,

-          To all my broken hearts. 

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