Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Hate Being here

I Hate Being Here
But Could You Please Help Me?
I Wanna Know, Where Am I?
I’m Lost But I Really Don’t Like It,
Can You Please Tell Me,
Why Am I Stuck Here,
I Don’t Like This In-Between,
Hate This Feeling Of Despair,
Hate The Compression On My Chest,
I’m Losing Concept Of Time,
How Long Has It Been,
Since I’ve Been Stuck Here,

No Light Seems To Come By Here,
No Air Seem To Suffice,
No Sense, It Makes No Sense,
But Why Am I Here,
Please Get Me Out Of Here,

I Hate Being Stuck In Shoes That Don’t Fit,
These Are Not My Shoes, Not My Place,
Not My Clothes, This Is Not ME!

Get Me Outta Here, Out Of This Mould,
I Wanna Live, Live Away From Here!
Get Me Back My Persona! 

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