Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Age is NoTHING but a number....

When I look into the past, 
All I see are grey pictures,
Fadin’ pictures, of what it used to be like, 
Of what funny used to smell like
I remember there were no meaning,
No meaning to money, and fashion

When I look at these years that are no longer vivid,
but rather merely remembered,
All I see is how much I’ve grown and,
Realized what life should really be about,
When I look into this shallow past that is mine, 
All I see is misconception,

Throughout the years, I can definitely say that these eyes have grown,
Along with the personality, more defined, and the body shape,

But why is that that time seems to have made its miracles 
In the backyard of my memory,
But not in yours, and in theirs, 
Is it that we were never on the same boat or simply,
That age doesn’t come with maturity, 
The way credit cards do with interests,
I guess as you buy away your image, 
I sit and consolidate my persona,

I guess we’re all different, some get it, some will eventually,
Your crowd simply seem to be of those that will never step it up...

If life is a show, you can all sit down and watch me blossom. 

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