Thursday, April 8, 2010

People didn't learn much from RECESSION...

Here comes another one,
Fourth grade it was,
When sitting in my corner,
Knowledge came to me that,
In order to voice constructive criticism,
One should emphasize the I,
Therefore taking responsibilities in one’s action,
And minimize the use of “you”,
Preventing accusing or blaming others,

So now applying prior knowledge to the present,
I shall start the following by emphasizing,
That this is not a complain, but simply,
A way of expressing disgust in a tangible manner,

I am tired of these pigs,
Hiding under their caps,
Baseball hats matching wears,
Tired of all the testosterone,
Tired of the intelligent remarks,
Tired of the stock market attitude,

Women are not utilities on sale,
While some of them may be of less quality,
I’m tired of all these buyers,

I’m tired of saying no,
Playing the games,
What about new rules,
Wait by the phone,
Wait for the ring tone,
If it never comes, consider it a fail,
Walk away and forget,
Me and the stock market!

Sorry, had to lash out. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Hate Being here

I Hate Being Here
But Could You Please Help Me?
I Wanna Know, Where Am I?
I’m Lost But I Really Don’t Like It,
Can You Please Tell Me,
Why Am I Stuck Here,
I Don’t Like This In-Between,
Hate This Feeling Of Despair,
Hate The Compression On My Chest,
I’m Losing Concept Of Time,
How Long Has It Been,
Since I’ve Been Stuck Here,

No Light Seems To Come By Here,
No Air Seem To Suffice,
No Sense, It Makes No Sense,
But Why Am I Here,
Please Get Me Out Of Here,

I Hate Being Stuck In Shoes That Don’t Fit,
These Are Not My Shoes, Not My Place,
Not My Clothes, This Is Not ME!

Get Me Outta Here, Out Of This Mould,
I Wanna Live, Live Away From Here!
Get Me Back My Persona! 

Age is NoTHING but a number....

When I look into the past, 
All I see are grey pictures,
Fadin’ pictures, of what it used to be like, 
Of what funny used to smell like
I remember there were no meaning,
No meaning to money, and fashion

When I look at these years that are no longer vivid,
but rather merely remembered,
All I see is how much I’ve grown and,
Realized what life should really be about,
When I look into this shallow past that is mine, 
All I see is misconception,

Throughout the years, I can definitely say that these eyes have grown,
Along with the personality, more defined, and the body shape,

But why is that that time seems to have made its miracles 
In the backyard of my memory,
But not in yours, and in theirs, 
Is it that we were never on the same boat or simply,
That age doesn’t come with maturity, 
The way credit cards do with interests,
I guess as you buy away your image, 
I sit and consolidate my persona,

I guess we’re all different, some get it, some will eventually,
Your crowd simply seem to be of those that will never step it up...

If life is a show, you can all sit down and watch me blossom. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Regime

I like to appreciate when people are passionate about something and they give it their all, so here's a shout out to New Regime, a Montreal clothing line who recently started. The website is impressive, the marketing is quite attractive, and I have to admit that the shirts are quite versatile.

Give it a try here if interested  New Regime.

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