Sunday, March 28, 2010

Touched The Bottom, Once More

It's really sad to say, but I have created my own nightmare,
I created the monster that you are today, because I let it be,
I'm the one who gives your fuel and importance,

People tried to tell me this in the past, but I wouldn't listen,
I created this perception I have of you,
I let you get in and under my skin, and Now I'm complaining,

Nothing would've gotten this far if I would've fall back,
Nothing of this should be happening right,

I don't need the world to know, as long as I know I despise,
What i've let you become,

You are really not worth the time of a day,
And truly God Only Knows Why It took me so long,
You are nothing than my creation,
And My creation will never satisfy me,

There will be no more chapters, 

Because you never truly existed,
Everything about you is  made up 

And boosted up by the people who let you
Get under their skin, 

I'm no longer on that float, I've fallen back.

I'm my own issue,
Because you are only a mere mirage of my imagination.

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