Thursday, March 4, 2010

Relationships are Hard.

Relationships are Hard.

It's funny but there are a millions things I could choose to do in life, but all I wanted at one point was to fall in Love to say "I Love You" and for someone to mean those same words, the same way I did. It's really hard to wake up one day and have the messed feeling in your chest that everything you believed in was not real, or rather as real as you wanted it. It's hard, especially when you really try and you give you are all into something that can disappear in a moment. Nonetheless, since it is important to see something positive in everything, and to be able to learn from all past mistakes, and to grow from it, I can admit that the feeling was magical, and that I don't regret the good times, it is not pleasurable now, that the feeling of betrayal is all you can taste, but at least I know now that in order to fall in love you have to be ready to be hurt. - Broken heart.

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