Sunday, March 28, 2010

----> LACK! oF AMbitION.... SO WhaCK!! <----

There's One Thing I Keep Hearing,
"My Swagger So Mean" ...
Fill In the blanks,

Is Life On Repeat, Cause I Could Swear
I've Seen And Heard All Of This Befo'
I Don't Remember Being On Cruise Control,
So Why Is That You Always Seem Late,
On Everything,

You Swagger Ain't Mean,
He Soft As Kool-Aid,
Your Lyrics Are Whack,
Plus They Played Out,
"C'Mon Son" I Mean, Upgrade,
Customer Here is Getting Tired,

Yeah Yeah, I see Ya Comin,
What's Next "My Wrist Is Iced Out"
Yeah Got Myself The Guess Watch Too,
It Was A full Package, Shine Came With It,

----> WHACK! <------- 

 Customerz Bored, About to Shut Down, 
And See What The Competitor Can Offer, 
 Sorry I Only Chase The Best, Not The Best Of Worst, 
Just The Best Of All, And I'm Done Chasin, 
Cause I Found Myself At The Finish Line, 
Waving, Smiling, Waiting For You to Reach :)

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