Sunday, March 28, 2010

I used to be In Love

I remember that feeling in my chest,

I remember the time I waited to see you,
I remember the joy you filled my heart with
I remember your kisses,
I remember your touch,
I remember your voice,
And the look in your eyes,

I used to be In Love,
That Feeling That Made Everything Worth It,

I Felt This Feeling Twice,
As Intensively,
And Passionately,

First, you told me that I deserved better,
And that was something you couldn't provide,
Now that I've grown, i see that you were right,

Second, I used to be in love,
I cared for you, and cherished you,
Unfortunately, Love Was Not Enough,
I will forever love you, simply no longer "in love"

I used to be in love,
I think, The first was real,
But Second Was Good,

Now I love and Enjoy Life,
I will be in love....


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