Sunday, March 28, 2010


Honesty Prevails Where Lonely Souls Pile Up.
In A World Where Compliments Are The Keys To Success,
Outcomes Are All That Matters,
No Matter How Crooked Your Ways May Be,
At The End Of The Day, Only The Result Will Make You Shine

I'm Guessing That's Why I Have So Many Black Clothes,
Just Getting Ready For The Consequences Of Your Success,
"I Made A G Today,
But U Made It In A Sleazy Way,
Selling Crack To The Kids"
"I Gotta Get Paid"

If This Is The Reality,
Therefore, My Closet Will Remain Black,
Getting Ready To Mourn&Cry,
And Ask Why One More Time,
When The Answer Lies In Front Of Us,
>> Seek Of Power << R.I.P. To All The Lost Souls, All The Broken Ones, All The Ones Who Seek Answers, All The Broken Families, To Our Civilization - Trish -

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