Sunday, March 28, 2010

Failure... An Aptitude to Acquire

It is through mistakes that one will grow,
It is through those same experiences,
That this journey will show,

I will not  pretend to understand and/or
comprehend the bulk of it,
Because it all seems unrealistic,
But I will favor my apprehension
As well as my eagerness to know
Knowing, perhaps finding the purpose of it all,

It took me a long time to see,
or rather understand the difference,
That changing plans,
doesn't equate failure ,
Or Abandon, for that matter, but rather,
Allows one to grow, and become an elaborated soul,

I choose to be part of the
elite in my category ,
However the box may be shaped, I choose to be
Always at the top, and also to be accompanied
Only with ones that can equate or exceed
My own knowledge and success,
Everything else is
"Lack Of Ambition, So Whack"
"Can't Will Never Be Taken As An Answer"

- T/z/R -

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