Sunday, March 28, 2010

Touched The Bottom, Once More

It's really sad to say, but I have created my own nightmare,
I created the monster that you are today, because I let it be,
I'm the one who gives your fuel and importance,

People tried to tell me this in the past, but I wouldn't listen,
I created this perception I have of you,
I let you get in and under my skin, and Now I'm complaining,

Nothing would've gotten this far if I would've fall back,
Nothing of this should be happening right,

I don't need the world to know, as long as I know I despise,
What i've let you become,

You are really not worth the time of a day,
And truly God Only Knows Why It took me so long,
You are nothing than my creation,
And My creation will never satisfy me,

There will be no more chapters, 

Because you never truly existed,
Everything about you is  made up 

And boosted up by the people who let you
Get under their skin, 

I'm no longer on that float, I've fallen back.

I'm my own issue,
Because you are only a mere mirage of my imagination.

Failure... An Aptitude to Acquire

It is through mistakes that one will grow,
It is through those same experiences,
That this journey will show,

I will not  pretend to understand and/or
comprehend the bulk of it,
Because it all seems unrealistic,
But I will favor my apprehension
As well as my eagerness to know
Knowing, perhaps finding the purpose of it all,

It took me a long time to see,
or rather understand the difference,
That changing plans,
doesn't equate failure ,
Or Abandon, for that matter, but rather,
Allows one to grow, and become an elaborated soul,

I choose to be part of the
elite in my category ,
However the box may be shaped, I choose to be
Always at the top, and also to be accompanied
Only with ones that can equate or exceed
My own knowledge and success,
Everything else is
"Lack Of Ambition, So Whack"
"Can't Will Never Be Taken As An Answer"

- T/z/R -

Enjoy It While It Last...

Enjoy It While It Last,
Enjoy Life, Even When It's Not Joyful,
Enjoy The Winter While It's There,
Make The Best Of What Is Offered Today,

Utilize All Your Resources Of Happiness,
While They Last, Appreciate Your Belongings,
Laugh As Hard As You Can With Friends,
Love Your Mothers, As Much As U Can,
Kiss Your Children Every Time You Can,

Enjoy Happy Moments The Best You Can,

Doing So Builds Up Memories,
And Those Are The Ones That Will Pick U Back Up,
Take Vivid Pictures Of The Present,
So That Your Past, Full Of Joy, Warms Up Ur Future Colder Nights,

----> LACK! oF AMbitION.... SO WhaCK!! <----

There's One Thing I Keep Hearing,
"My Swagger So Mean" ...
Fill In the blanks,

Is Life On Repeat, Cause I Could Swear
I've Seen And Heard All Of This Befo'
I Don't Remember Being On Cruise Control,
So Why Is That You Always Seem Late,
On Everything,

You Swagger Ain't Mean,
He Soft As Kool-Aid,
Your Lyrics Are Whack,
Plus They Played Out,
"C'Mon Son" I Mean, Upgrade,
Customer Here is Getting Tired,

Yeah Yeah, I see Ya Comin,
What's Next "My Wrist Is Iced Out"
Yeah Got Myself The Guess Watch Too,
It Was A full Package, Shine Came With It,

----> WHACK! <------- 

 Customerz Bored, About to Shut Down, 
And See What The Competitor Can Offer, 
 Sorry I Only Chase The Best, Not The Best Of Worst, 
Just The Best Of All, And I'm Done Chasin, 
Cause I Found Myself At The Finish Line, 
Waving, Smiling, Waiting For You to Reach :)


Honesty Prevails Where Lonely Souls Pile Up.
In A World Where Compliments Are The Keys To Success,
Outcomes Are All That Matters,
No Matter How Crooked Your Ways May Be,
At The End Of The Day, Only The Result Will Make You Shine

I'm Guessing That's Why I Have So Many Black Clothes,
Just Getting Ready For The Consequences Of Your Success,
"I Made A G Today,
But U Made It In A Sleazy Way,
Selling Crack To The Kids"
"I Gotta Get Paid"

If This Is The Reality,
Therefore, My Closet Will Remain Black,
Getting Ready To Mourn&Cry,
And Ask Why One More Time,
When The Answer Lies In Front Of Us,
>> Seek Of Power << R.I.P. To All The Lost Souls, All The Broken Ones, All The Ones Who Seek Answers, All The Broken Families, To Our Civilization - Trish -

I used to be In Love

I remember that feeling in my chest,

I remember the time I waited to see you,
I remember the joy you filled my heart with
I remember your kisses,
I remember your touch,
I remember your voice,
And the look in your eyes,

I used to be In Love,
That Feeling That Made Everything Worth It,

I Felt This Feeling Twice,
As Intensively,
And Passionately,

First, you told me that I deserved better,
And that was something you couldn't provide,
Now that I've grown, i see that you were right,

Second, I used to be in love,
I cared for you, and cherished you,
Unfortunately, Love Was Not Enough,
I will forever love you, simply no longer "in love"

I used to be in love,
I think, The first was real,
But Second Was Good,

Now I love and Enjoy Life,
I will be in love....


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Careers... Dream Career

What do you want to do? Who do you want to become? The answers to these questions, I don't know... But my goal is what.

I want beautiful kids, and I want to travel, I want to interact, I want to see the world, push my limits, and explore all my capacities, I want to be the best I can be. That's what I want, yet again I don't want to be restrained to an office, or a view, or a city for that fact being, I don't like boundaries, I want to do everything and nothing at the same time, but I want it to be joyful.

I want colors, and fun, success, and tranquility, I want to live, and work hard! The picture is unclear but beautiful, I want to make you proud,

Relationships are Hard.

Relationships are Hard.

It's funny but there are a millions things I could choose to do in life, but all I wanted at one point was to fall in Love to say "I Love You" and for someone to mean those same words, the same way I did. It's really hard to wake up one day and have the messed feeling in your chest that everything you believed in was not real, or rather as real as you wanted it. It's hard, especially when you really try and you give you are all into something that can disappear in a moment. Nonetheless, since it is important to see something positive in everything, and to be able to learn from all past mistakes, and to grow from it, I can admit that the feeling was magical, and that I don't regret the good times, it is not pleasurable now, that the feeling of betrayal is all you can taste, but at least I know now that in order to fall in love you have to be ready to be hurt. - Broken heart.

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