Friday, November 13, 2009

Left You Off With Fresh Flesh Between Your Teeth: Floss!

So Last Year, Was Given To The Haters,
Yes Another Trend,
Apparently, This One Is Owned By Untalented Rhymers,
Another One To Bend,

It Was Sparkled Up With 5 Stars Bitches,
Haven’t Seen Any, Except For My Reflection,
Y’all Disagree, I Call It Graduation,
I Guess, We’ve Been Mistaken It For Degradation,
‘Cause This Would Be The Only Explanation,
For All These Fake Assumptions,

Just In Case The Former,
Cross-Multiplied By The Latter,
Got You A Bit Bitter,
Or Reminisced The Hater,
That You Are, Loser
And That You Need To Get Smarter,
Here It is, I Made It Easier,

You Cannot Claim What We’ve Conquered Yours,

Everything You’re Doing Now,
Not Only We’ve Been there Already,
But Your Pale Imitation Is Almost An Insult,
Almost, Because We Do Not Consider You Enough,
For You To Matter,

So the man you’re talking to, We’ve dumped that,
The Swag You Swirling With, We’ve mastered that,
The Hair You Styling, We’re off that,

All I Can Say Is:
The World Is Great, And We need All Sorts of people,
If You were meant to win, Be A Winner,
If Not, Just Be The Best Cock-Sucker
But Inverting The Roles, Never

In the Simplest of Words,

In the Simplest of Words,

You Could Refer To Me As Your Guardian Angel,
Or Simply Say That I Was Cursed To Protect You,
Nonetheless, You Can Assume That A Part Of Me
Will Live On Inside Of You, As Long As You Feed It,
Feed It With Hope and Integrity,

In the Simplest of Words,

You Can Assume That I Was Meant For You,
So That I Can Teach You The Right Path,
You Can Also Blame Me For Leaving You,
Since It Was Expected For Me To Stay,
And Guide You Through The Hardest Time,

In the Simplest of Words,

You Can Allow Yourself To Forgive Me,
For Being As Imperfect As You Are,
And For Lacking The Infinite Part Of The Pact,
You Can Torture Your Thoughts, And As Well As,
Your Memory Of Me, Although You Know It's Useless,
So That You Understand I Had Never Left,

In the Simplest of Words,

I Am Your Guardian Angel,
And No Amount of Frustration,
Can Take The Mission Away,
So You Can Keep Growing,
And Fall As Many Time As Required,
Your Angel Will Pick You Back Up,

In the Most Simple Statement,
"Forever, and Always"

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