Sunday, October 18, 2009

This goes out to My Favorite Boys ... U Know Who U Are.

It is easier to point fingers at people blaming them for their lack of integrity,
But it is a harder task to acknowledge our own misconduct,

I have come to believe that there is good in everyone's soul,
I have come to believe that you guys are more than flashy clothes,
I have come to believe that you can actually be real friends,

There are things in life that really matter, find them,

Once you've found them, Stick to them,
I will forgive you, we will forgive you, because you are boys,

Nonetheless, it comes a time, when you need to realize,
Realize that nothing last for ever, nothing,

Beauty fades away, Hair will fall out,

Cars will break down, and clothes will go out of fashion,

But true friends will always remain,

The people who truly matters will care for you,
For your personality, and your true soul,

Not many will take the time to find those,

But the one that do, should be marked top priority,

Life is short, Grasp it,

Do not take it for granted,

Do not take anyone for granted,

Treat who you love like a precious treasure,

Think about it,
This goes out to my favorite boys,
Cause i care, and got to know you.

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